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Mental Health Initiatives Team

The Mental Health Initiatives Team is a team of trained graduate-level students who facilitate educational workshops and outreach about mental health and emotional well-being. The goals of the MHI team are to normalize mental health struggles and to help students learn tools / strategies to care for their emotional wellness.

The Mental Health Initiatives Team is committed to:

  • Holding supportive spaces for students to learn skills and strategies to promote their mental health
  • Engaging in continued learning and professional development on effective mental health prevention and intervention
  • Continuously increasing knowledge and skills regarding the intersection of identity and mental / emotional well-being
  • Connecting students to mental health resources on campus


The Mental Health Initiatives Team is not currently accepting applications.

Being a part of the MHI team is an opportunity to connect closely with a small team of graduate level peers from a variety of disciplines. MHI members gain personal and professional development on mental health skill building, public health approaches, program development and assessment, facilitation / leadership skills, and more! MHI members get to engage the Virginia Tech community in a fun, interactive, empathetic, & creative way!

Here are some things that MHI members have said about their experience:

  • "The MHI team is so warm and welcoming. Building connections with like minded individuals, while honing professional development skills has been very fun."
  • "I have gained confidence in my presentation skills & abilities."
  • "This is the first time I have facilitated workshops and this has been a great experience in learning how to do this effectively."

How long has there been a MHI program?
MHI is a relatively new peer program that began in Fall of 2019 and has been growing and developing ever since!

Are MHI positions paid?
MHI positions often come with a semester stipend and have the potential to be used for academic credit.

What is the time commitment?
MHI members commit to around 5 hours per week. This often consists of facilitating at least 1 mental health workshop per week, attending MHI team meetings every 2 weeks, and doing outreach a couple of times a semester. MHI members are regularly provided learning opportunities that require additional indirect work (ex: reading an article, viewing a video, leading a discussion, brainstorming outreach ideas, etc.)

How will I be trained?
Some experience with mental health topics and/or facilitation skills is preferred, but not required. We have 1 full day of training typically in August, some practice sessions at the beginning of the semester, and ongoing skills training throughout the year. You will be trained on a variety of mental health topics, health education topics, and facilitation / presentation skills.

How long do people serve as MHI members?
The minimum period is a 1 year commitment, though some members stay involved longer.

Who can apply?
Only graduate students can apply.

What majors/programs of study do you accept?
There is no restriction on majors/programs, though applicants from these (or related) programs are highly encouraged to apply: Counselor Education; Public Health; Psychology; Higher Education; Human Development; Human Nutrition, Foods, & Exercise; Sociology.

Do you accept undergraduate students?
Unfortunately, no. This is an opportunity designed for graduate students only. However, if you are an undergraduate student interested in being a peer educator with Hokie Wellness, check out these other awesome peer team opportunities: IMPACT (Initiating & Motivating a Positive Alcohol Culture Together), HEAT (Health Education Awareness Team), & Financial Wellness Peer Educators.

When do you accept applications & what is the deadline to apply?
The application process for FEELS positions is typically in March of the spring semester. We are currently not accepting applications now.

May I also apply for the other student groups that Hokie Wellness has, such as HEAT (Health Education & Awareness Team) program or IMPACT?

No, you may only apply for one Hokie Wellness peer education group.

Virginia Tech does not discriminate against employees, students, or applicants on the basis of age, color, disability, gender, national origin, political affiliation, race, religion, sexual orientation, or veteran status.