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Hokie Wellness offers a number of resources to assist the Virginia Tech community in their endeavors to live healthy lives. All Virginia Tech students and employees can receive free one-on-one consultations on the following topics:

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1 on 1 Alcohol and Other Drugs Consultations

Hokie Wellness provides one-on-one consultations for those students who would like to make changes to their alcohol-use patterns. Sessions are 50 minutes long and include two to six sessions. Individual sessions provide students the opportunity to discuss personal habits and behaviors surrounding alcohol and/or other drugs.  In addition, students will have the opportunity to examine personal decision-making choices and to self-reflect. Strategies will be provided to address high-risk behaviors and related negative outcomes and for making positive decisions when confronted with situations that involve alcohol and/or other drugs.

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1 on 1 Financial Consultations

Hokie Wellness offers financial consultations that are individualized to topics of your choice to enhance your knowledge and develop your skills to manage your financial resources effectively for a lifetime of financial wellbeing. Common topics for these appointments are budgeting, credit scores and credit reports, student loan repayment questions, planning for upcoming expenses (internship, study abroad, purchasing a car, etc.) and general money management.

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