Hokie Wellness offers a number of resources to assist the Virginia Tech community in their endeavors to live healthy lives. The following are available to all Virginia Tech students and employees.

  • Tobacco Quitting Appointments
  • Alcohol Coaching and Drug Testing
  • Healthy Paths
  • Nutrition
  • Sexual Health

Hokie Wellness offers a number of programs and seminars focused on topics like safer sex and other areas related to sexual activity. These are free and led by Health Education and Awareness Team (HEAT) members. Contact us for more information on the wide variety of sexuality-based education that Virginia Tech offers.

1 on 1 Coaching

Hokie Wellness provides one-on-one coaching for those students who would like to make changes to their alcohol-use patterns. Sessions are 50 minutes long and include two to six sessions. Individual sessions provide students the opportunity to discuss personal habits and behaviors surrounding alcohol and/or other drugs.  In addition, students will have the opportunity to examine personal decision-making choices and to self-reflect. Strategies will be provided to address high-risk behaviors and related negative outcomes and for making positive decisions when confronted with situations that involve alcohol and/or other drugs.

Student Conduct Referrals and Court Ordered or Law

Alcohol Coaching - If you are required to have one-on-one coaching by Student Conduct or any court or probation office, or if you are taking this class on the recommendation of your lawyer, there is a fee of $200. 

Substance Abuse Coaching - There will be a fee of $165 for these sessions. In addition, you are expected to complete an online class addressing substance use and abuse issues. The fee for the online class is $35 and will be paid directly to 3rd Millennium Classrooms. Hokie Wellness will provide more information during your first meeting.

These fees cover the cost associated with administering, facilitating, updating, revising, and evaluating all Hokie Wellness alcohol education interventions. The fee is charged as a “Health Services Fee” and is submitted to the recipient(s) of your online bill.

Failure of the individual student to complete the educational activity by the time prescribed by Student Conduct may result suspension from the university for one semester.

A $25 administrative fee will be charged to your student account if you fail to attend a scheduled appointment. Additionally, you will receive a “Failure to Comply with a University Official” conduct referral for failing to compete these educational assignments.