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Sorority Body Project

Sorority Body Project (SBP) Peer Educators are a peer education group trained by Hokie Wellness staff to facilitate workshops to sorority members on the healthy ideal, body acceptance and preventing eating disorders.

Our facilitators focus on promoting the healthy ideal, which is the way your way your unique body looks when you are doing the necessary things to appropriately maximize your physical health, mental health, and overall quality of life. With the healthy ideal, the goal is health, fitness, functionality, and longevity. A healthy body has both muscles and adequate fat tissue. The healthy ideal involves feeling good about how our body both feels and works.

The program used by our facilitators is considered evidence-based, which means it’s been tested and proven to work in preventing eating disorders and increasing body image.

SBP Programs

Our members facilitate up to three workshop series (six sessions) to sorority women each semester, promote and participate in Body Matters week, and do outreach on campus to promote a positive body image to all.

The Body Project workshop series includes two workshops, held one week apart. During these sessions, our facilitators work through examples and activities with participants. The sessions are designed to build upon one another to reinforce the content provided in them.

The Body Project is not a treatment for anorexia, bulimia, or other eating disorders. Please do not enroll in these workshops if you may think there is a possibility that you may have some degree of anorexia or bulimia, OR have been diagnosed or treated for either in the past and are still struggling. Instead, please contact for information about services for eating disorders or look into HEART (Healthy Eating Assessment & Referral Team).


Sorority Body Project is currently accepting applications! The deadline to apply is Friday, April 14, 2023.

The students involved in SBP gain many life skills in their time as facilitators. These include leadership skills, communication, confidence and presentation skills. Members are trained to be an example for others in areas such as positive and healthy body image.

Our facilitators are motivated to teach from personal experiences and feelings about body image. As well as a desire to help others gain back their body confidence. Although SBP peer educators are not paid, they receive valuable training and experience from participation.

Here are some comments from former facilitators about the program:

  • "I think that The Body Project has allowed me to develop into a more insightful & understanding person. I learn a lot during our monthly meetings as well as during the sessions & I take this information with me so that i can better help & speak to my friends."
  • "It has made me a better communicator, leader, and public speaker. Also made me more positive about my own body"
  • "The Body Project has helped me improve mentally. I am able to look in the mirror and be appreciative of my body and everything."
  • "I’ve grown so much being a SBP Facilitator. I cannot imagine how different I would be without this experience and meeting all the amazing people along the way. I look at situations in a different way and I am not afraid to step in if I hear negative dialogue I do not like"
  • "I feel I am so much more aware of the things I say regarding body image and am not as self-conscious as I used to be!"

How long has there been a Body Project program?
The body project peer education program has been teaching programs since the spring of 2014.

Are Body Project facilitators paid?
No, this is a volunteer leadership opportunity.

What is the time commitment?
Facilitators are expected to attend a 1-hour monthly meeting and teach 3 workshop series per semester. A workshop series is 2, 2-hour sessions (4 hours)/12 hours total per semester.

How will I be trained?
Facilitators are expected to complete the Body Project workshop series first as a participant and then attend a formal 10-hour training over the course of two days. If you would like to become a facilitator, but have not completed a workshop series as a participant, the coordinator of the Body Project will arrange a series for facilitators prior to the end of the semester.

How long do people serve as Body Project Facilitators?
1–3 years. Many facilitators serve as a Body Project Peer Educator immediately after their Body Project experience freshman year and continue through their senior year because they feel so connected to their fellow peers and the content.

When do you accept applications?
We are accepting applications now until Friday, April 14, 2023. Use the link at the bottom of this page to apply.

Do you accept new members every year?
Yes. Each year we accept new members to form a team of 20.

Who can apply?
Any undergraduate woman in a sorority whose values align with the messaging of the Body Project.

Do you accept graduate or professional students?
No. This is an undergraduate program.

What majors do you accept?
We accept and welcome all majors!

How many people are in the Body Project?
Our team consists of 20 women

What is the deadline to apply?
The deadline to apply for Sorority Body Project is Friday, April 14, 2023. No late or incomplete applications will be considered.

May I also apply for the other student groups that Hokie Wellness has, such as HEAT (Health Education & Awareness Team) program or IMPACT, as well as The Body Project?

No, you may only apply for one Hokie Wellness peer education group.

How do I apply?
Apply now by clicking on the button below!

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