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Available Programming

Individual Financial Coaching Appointments

Schedule a Zoom appointment to discuss your personal financial situation, financial stress, and/or enhance your knowledge in areas such as budgeting, credit scores, and undergraduate student loan repayment by clicking here.

We also offer workshops on demand for the above areas.

To schedule a workshop for your organization, or discuss potential collaboration, please email

For group program requests, please include as much of the following information as possible in your initial correspondence:

  • The name of the organization/class
  • What topics you would like covered in the program
  • A brief description of why you believe this workshop will be beneficial
  • Possible dates and times for the workshop
  • Number of participants you plan on attending

Employees should email to schedule an appointment to discuss the above areas. Some topics are best handled by an external financial advisor. To speak with a retirement specialist at Virginia Tech, contact the HR Service Center at 540-231-9331 or

Student Canvas Modules

Students can learn at their own pace about a variety of topics including investing, taxes, and planning on major purchases by completing the Money Smarts modules in their Canvas site. For issues with this course, please email

Teaching Faculty Resources

Instructors are highly encouraged to incorporate some aspect of financial well-being into their courses. Typically, this can be done with an assignment where students create a budget for either their current expenses or their anticipated life after graduation. We have templates available to send to interested instructors.

To discuss other ways to incorporate financial well-being into your classroom, email

Hokie Wellness Workshops will be available both in-person as well as live virtual sessions. If you have any questions or concerns, please email