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2023 Weekly Digital Well-being Challenges

Digital Well-being Challenge of the week – are you doing these? Let us know how it goes!

  • Phone free challenge! Talk to 5 new people at Virginia Tech each day.
  • Ditch FOMO. Go to Gobblerfest and discover how you can ExperienceVT this year.
  • Remember great moments better – take some pictures then put your phone away.
  • Distracted? Put your phone away to maximize learning in class.
  • Make a list of 5 things to do beyond screens and go do them!
  • Set time limits on apps to make time for fun IRL.
  • Eat meals with friends without phones - enjoy better conversations.
  • Turn off notifications to unnecessary apps.
  • Set up focus modes for classes and study time.
  • When waiting for class to start, talk with people around you.
  • Stand in lines without looking at your phone.
  • Make eye contact with friends during conversations – look at your friends instead of your phone when talking.
  • Unfocused? Use a web blocker when doing homework or studying.
  • Get better sleep! Tuck your phone away from your bed before sleeping.
  • Try interval studying. Start with 10 minutes of focused work with a short break and increase from there.
  • Maximize your study breaks – do something off screens to relax.