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Mental Health On Demand

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We know that spaces for students to learn, grow, and talk about their mental / emotional well-being are vital, especially at this time. Our top priority is fostering wellness and engaging in best community health practices. Because of this, we will be offering the Developing Resiliency workshops virtually (and less formally) instead of in-person.

Social distancing and changes in routine can be challenging, but in the spirit of the Developing Resiliency workshops we encourage you to take time to care for yourself and your emotional well-being. Connecting with others by attending one of our virtual discussions is just one way of doing so! For additional strategies & information, you can check out our Hokie Wellness social media where we’ll be regularly sharing tips and resources for engaging in holistic self-care during this unique time.

Available Programming:

Resiliency Workshops

Learning to Press Pause

Often our emotions and behaviors are based on our beliefs about ourselves and others. Here you can learn about the root of emotional responses and how to challenge unhelpful beliefs/thinking styles.

Developing a Growth Mindset

What do you say to yourself when you make a mistake or feel challenged? Often when we are struggling, we’re our own worst critic. Join us to learn how to develop a mindset focused on growth and positive self-talk.

Self-Care or Treat Yo'Self?

Self-Care has become quite the buzz word, but how do you know if your current self-care practices are genuinely effective and sustainable for you? Here you can learn how to assess your current coping skills, develop school-life balance, and create a realistic self-care plan for yourself.