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Sleep Better Techniques

  • In this workshop we’ll cover what happens cognitively and physically when you sleep. We’ll do sleep assessments so you can learn to change your sleep habits now and start reaping the benefits of great sleep.

On Demand Resources:

Getting your sleep behaviors in order now can set you up for great things later! Sleeping is such a fundamental behavior to our thriving existence, it seems like something that should come naturally. Oddly, good sleep requires lots of little things to fall into place.

One of the most influential factors that affects sleep is our devices. Keep devices out of the bedroom and get off of them at least an hour before bed.

Limit time consuming social media. Being informed is a great thing but too much news can create worry; especially if we are simply taking in lots of information without properly processing it. Be sure to take time away from your device to think about what you have just read or watched.

Establish a consistent sleep schedule. Going to bed and waking at the same times each day creates structure and routine that helps our body regulate all of the important functions that help us get good sleep.

Limit uppers and downers.Caffeine can interfere with our ability to fall asleep and get good sleep. Alcohol and some other drugs may make us sleepy and cause us to fall asleep, but they also prevent us from getting deep, restorative sleep.

Manage stress. Stress is the number one contributing factor to insomnia. It’s natural to experience insomnia once in a while but ongoing stress should not be ignored. Explore different stress management activities and find the ones that work for you. Your list should include a variety of items that can range anywhere from 5 minutes (washing a few dishes) to 5 hours (going on a long hike). Be sure to get some exercise; it helps us manage stress and get better sleep.

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