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Alcohol and Other Drugs Prevention On Demand

21st Birthday

As we continue to see the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic and mindfully acknowledge that the virus is still with us in our world, it continues to be important to consider harm-reduction strategies during this time, whether you find yourself in Blacksburg or far from Virginia Tech. A few considerations:

  • Alcohol and other substances can affect our immune system, making it harder for our bodies to fight off getting sick or healing. Additionally, there are preliminary recommendations that the consumption of certain substances can actually interfere directly with treatments for coronavirus.
  • Even though many things in our environment have returned to normal operations and health and safety guidelines around masks and distancing have changed, we continue to urge the Hokie community to do their part to stop the spread of the virus by being mindful in how they gather and socialize, especially with alcohol — which can already affect decision-making — something we all need to stay on top of during this time!
  • The pandemic has taken a toll on everyone in many different ways. The need for social distancing, missing out on events and social gatherings, and feelings of isolation, anxiety, and loneliness also affected our mental health and consuming alcohol can compound that effect in different ways, including making some medications, like antidepressants, less effective. Evaluate for yourself if consuming in moderation at home is something that is safe and positive for you at this time.

Available Programming

Party Positive workshops can be requested for academic classes, student organizations, and on an individual basis over Zoom by request! Please email to set-up a consultation about how we can help supplement course content, or keep your group connected with some fun material during this time!

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