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Sexual Violence Prevention (SVP)

The SVP Peer Team is a group of undergraduate and graduate students who are passionate about educating on sexual and interpersonal violence prevention and awareness. The team’s primary goal is to educate campus members on how to recognize and prevent sexual and interpersonal violence in their communities along with building up the skills and confidence Hokie’s need to do this important work in their communities.

The SVP Peer team actively engages with the Virginia Tech community through workshops, tables, and awareness events. Workshops provide an array of options for learning such as classroom style presentations or guided conversations with smaller groups. Tabling outreach offers short, engaging activities in pop-up locations throughout campus. Larger events that the team co-host include Sexapalooza, Together We Empower! and Denim Day with other campus partners.

Program Highlights

  • Defining and giving examples sexual and interpersonal violence.
  • Empowering individuals to intervene to prevent or diminish instances of harm in safe and inclusive ways.
  • Sharing important on campus and off campus sexual and interpersonal violence resources.
  • Collaborations with campus partners such as the Corps of Cadets, Fraternities and Sororities, Living Learning Communities, and more!
  • Interacting with hundreds of community members each semester.
  • Making a positive impact on prevention culture at Virginia Tech.

SVT Peer Team

Kyra Bray, SVP Undergraduate Intern
Kyra Bray, SVP Undergraduate Intern
Caroline Lohr, SVP Program Assistant
Caroline Lohr, SVP Program Assistant
Lindsay Mongan, SVP Graduate Intern
Lindsay Mongan, SVP Graduate Intern
Julia Place, SVP Undergraduate Intern
Julia Place, SVP Undergraduate Intern
Bruce Richardson, SVP Undergraduate Intern
Bruce Richardson, SVP Undergraduate Intern
Jaxon Robert, SVP Undergraduate Intern
Jaxon Robert, SVP Undergraduate Intern
Sarah Supplee, SVP Graduate Assistant
Sarah Supplee, SVP Graduate Assistant

Join the SVP Peer Team

The SVP Peer Team is a select group of students committed to decreasing sexual and interpersonal violence at Virginia Tech.

Read why previous members decided to be partof the team:

  • “I have loved being part of the SVP Team because of the people. Every single person on this team is extremely empathetic, dedicated, and passionate about the work that we are doing. We truly are more than co-workers, we are friends. I wouldn't trade this experience for anything.”

How long has there been an SVP Peer Team program?

The SVP Peer Team was established in Fall 2023.

Are SVP Peer Team positions paid?

Yes, SVP Peer Team positions are paid.

What is the time commitment?

The weekly time commitment for SVP Peer Team members is between 5 and 8 hours each week. Each team member must attend a weekly team meeting and additional hours are based on individual availability.

How will I be trained?

Team members do not need to be experts in sexual violence or interpersonal violence prevention prior to the position but do need to have some familiarity with sexual and interpersonal violence definitions and concepts. All team members must participate in mandatory 1-2 day long training sessions at the start of each semester to learn & review program materials. Interns will have continuing education throughout the semester on sexual and interpersonal violence prevalence and prevention strategies.

How long do people serve as SVP Peer Team members?

Students who apply and are accepted in the SVP Peer Team must commit to one year (both Fall and Spring semesters) in the internship. Depending on students' performance in the internship program, interns can stay in the program until they graduate.

When do you accept applications?

Applications open up yearly in the Spring semester. Check here or Hokie Wellness social media accounts in the spring for more information.

Who can apply?

Undergraduate students or graduate students who will be available for a full year (Fall and Spring semester) may apply.

What majors do you accept?

All majors and programs can apply to join the team.

What is the deadline to apply?

The application deadline will be announced when applications open in the Spring semester.

Can I apply for other peer team positions in addition to the SVP Peer Team position? (example: IMPACT HEAT, FEELS Facilitator, Financial Wellness)

No, you may only apply to join one Hokie Wellness peer team at a time.

How do I find out more information about the program and/or applying to join the team?

Contact the Hokie Wellness Sexual Violence Prevention Program at for more information.