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people sitting at HEAT workshop

Hokie Wellness actively reaches out to both the Virginia Tech and Blacksburg communities in a number of ways.

21st Birthday

21st birthday party booklet exploded and spread out

A program of Hokie Wellness, the 21st Birthday Project was created to help students transition into the legal drinking age in a safe and happy manner.

Tobacco Free Hokies

various students wearing tobacco free hokie shirts

Hokie Wellness offers extensive tobacco-use prevention and tobacco treatment programs at Virginia Tech. We work with Virginia Tech and the local community on initiatives designed to support tobacco-free lifestyles.

Peer Educators

heat and impact outreach event

Peer Educators do public health outreach events and teach workshops about sexual health, contraception, healthy eating choices, body image, sleep, skin cancer prevention, tobacco-use prevention, mental health, and financial wellness, among others.

Mental Health Coalition

two students holding up boards. one says "my hokie hiccup: sent an email when i was emotionally charged", another says "my hokie hiccup: waited too long to start on my final project"

The Mental Health Coalition is composed of representatives from various undergraduate and graduate student organizations that engage in meaningful dialogue regarding mental health on campus.

FEELS Support Circle

feels support circle

The FEELS Support Circle is mental health support by students, for students. Be there for you, and be there for others.