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21st Birthday Project

21st birthday party booklet exploded and spread out

For those that choose to drink, the transition to turning 21 often includes new challenges such as drinking for the first time, drinking in new and unfamiliar environments, and being faced with pressure to consume more than they may have in the past. By teaming up with local downtown businesses, Hokie Wellness created a 21st Birthday coupon book and informational session designed to provide students with a toolkit for a safe and enjoyable celebration!

If you are turning 21, you may stop by and meet with Hokie Wellness at the designated program times on the McComas Hall Pool Deck to obtain your free 21st Birthday coupon book, which includes:

  • Exclusive coupons for free and reduced price food at Benny’s, Sharkey’s, TOT’s, PK’s, Sugar Magnolia, D.P. Dough, Bollo's, and The Lyric!
  • Free Climbing at Crimper’s Climbing Gym, Free Laser Tag and Bowling at NRV Superbowl, Free Boxing Class at Blacksburg Boxing & Fitness, and Reduced Price Venture Out Trips and Rentals!
  • ...And more!


The safety of the community and our peer educators is our #1 job and priority. Therefore, these requirements and precautions are in place:

Requirements of Participants:

  • Before entering McComas, all participants are encouraged to complete the Hokie Ready App assessment.

  • If you have had a possible exposure, are having symptoms, are in quarantine, isolation, or under any precaution related to COVID-19, you may not enter the building.

  • Face coverings are optional to participate in the program and must be properly fitted and worn the entire meeting.

  • We strongly request that all participants bring their own pen with them if at all possible to reduce your contact with any program supplies. If you forget one, we will provide one, but kindly ask you to help us by bringing your own.

Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to mail any program materials. However, we would love to meet with you and give you a free Hokie Wellness t-shirt when you are back in town!

No. We completely acknowledge the disappointment Hokies must feel that this important moment in their lives is occurring under these conditions, however, the safety of our staff, peer educators, and campus community is of utmost importance. Even though the coupon pick-up is brief and low-contact, it is not "no contact". If any participant falls under these conditions, they may still schedule a virtual information session and schedule a future time (when they are not under any precautions) to pick-up a Hokie Wellness t-shirt.

Unfortunately, no. Our policy listed above applies for any participant under quarantine, isolation, has had a possible exposure, or are under any precaution due to COVID-19, no matter when their birthday is or when their quarantine begins/ends.

No. Due to our agreements with local business and to protect the mission of the program, coupon books must be given directly to the person turning 21, no later than the day of their birthday.

Yes! No matter how long ago your 21st birthday was, as long as you are still a current Virginia Tech student, you can come in for the information and receive a Hokie Wellness t-shirt.

During the academic year, students may pick-up their coupon book by attending a brief information session with a peer educator (15 minutes) on the McComas Hall pool deck (on your right as you enter the main hallway) during the week leading up to their 21st birthday, on Wednesdays 1-5pm, Thursdays 5-8pm, and Fridays 1-5pm, or virtually by appointment (continue reading for more details). Students MUST complete the program on or before their birthday by attending during the program times. 21st Birthday Project does not operate on the weekends and drop-ins outside of scheduled program times are not able to be accommodated. No coupon books can be provided after a student's birthday, and if a virtual session is requested, the coupon book must still be picked-up in-person by the person turning 21 (please know that every effort will be made to provide an outdoor, low-contact pick-up).

The brief information session and coupon pick-up lasts about 15 minutes. Students should receive an email approximately one week prior to their birthday inviting them to participate. A Hokie Passport is required to validate the student’s date of birth. If birthdate is not listed on the Hokie Passport, another form of ID is required. During break times, please contact Hokie Wellness for adjusted times that the program will be offered.

We've updated our program procedures with many COVID-19 precautions in place! When you are getting ready to turn 21, review your invite email from us for the full details.

If you have questions regarding the 21st Birthday Project, or you are a local business interested in becoming a community partner, please contact the Hokie Wellness Office at (540) 231-2233 or

2021-2022 Community Partners

  • Cabo Fish Taco
  • Top of the Stairs/ Bottom of the Stairs
  • PK's Bar & Grill
  • Sharkey's
  • Bollo's Cafe & Bakery
  • 622 North
  • Sugar Magnolia
  • Benny Marzano's Pizza
  • BreakZone
  • Crimper's Climbing Gym
  • NRV Super Bowl
  • Blacksburg Boxing & Fitness
  • The Lyric
  • In Balance Yoga