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On Demand Resources

Maybe you are gladly trapped inside with your significant other with nothing else to do...Keep up to date with fun, reputable, sexual health information. You may want to explore more ways to have sex, prevent STIs and babies, and even communicate! Check out our favorite resources to quench your curiosity.

Sexual Health Services that can be accessed from home

Other great resources:

Planned Parenthood offers personal assessments, reproductive education, and more, including:

  • Ask the experts - Q&A bank of all of the questions you are too afraid to ask

  • What is the right brith control for me? Quiz

  • Guide to all methods of birth control including quick video overviews on how they work, how to use them, pros, cons, effectiveness, and local Planned Parenthood services

  • LGBTQ education, support, and live chat resources

  • Sexually Transmitted Infections education, prevention, and testing services

Bedsider offers the following resources:

  • Provides all of the details related to each of the birth control methods: costs, how to use, side effects, problems

  • Great videos in the form of "real stories" from people who have experience using each contraceptive method

  • Articles on hot topics, common myths, and relationships

  • Health Center Locator

  • Guy's guide to sexual health and wellness - a male perspective on sexual health, relationships, and many things in between

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