The Recovery Community @ Virginia Tech

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What is Recovery? Is it for me?

The Recovery Community at Virginia Tech is a place where students in recovery or thinking about recovery from substance abuse can find community, friendship and understanding. College students in recovery have unique challenges due to the common use of substances among today’s college students. Our community strives to address these challenges by providing supportive relationships, spaces, and activities that not only promote substance-free living, but encourage holistic growth. Addiction is hard, but it doesn’t have to be the end of the road. Wherever there is darkness there is also light, and we are here to support you while you find it.

Recovery Community @ VT
McComas Gym, Room 196
Blacksburg , VA 24061

Our All-Recovery meetings occur Monday nights in the center of campus with pizza and discussion. On Thursdays, we meet at Bollo's Cafe for coffee and conversation, and on weekends we have a social event for students to come together. The group is always available if members want to organize a study group, go to a meeting together, or just talk to someone.

Students meet on a weekly basis to discuss topics and challenges related to collegiate recovery, have a good cup of coffee, and have fun at social events. Our goal is to provide an environment and network that students can rely on to support their recovery and improve their quality of life. We do not require involvement in specific programs or a minimum length of sobriety to join, but we are an abstinence-based group.

Sponsored by: Carilion Education Fund.