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What is Recovery? Is it for me?

The Virginia Tech Recovery Community works to ensure that students do not have to choose between their recovery and their education. We support students inside and outside the classroom, organize events and trips, and provide space for recovery meetings. Anyone is welcome to our meetings to find out more. You don’t even have to commit to being sober forever, just sober for today. To connect, please email us or call 540-231-2233, or or join us at The Roost, 1C Payne Residence Hall.

We know that substance use disorder isolates you and staying connected is part of your recovery. We recommend you do this online, by phone, text, insta, chat whatever keeps you in touch with another person who understands what you are going through!

We use GroupMe extensively to keep in touch and keep connected to each other. Email to be added to our group.

You can also access more online resources from the Virginia Department of Health Services here.

What is recovery?

We believe that recovery is more than the absence of substance use; instead it is the presence of sustained, consistent action to improve all aspects of our lives. Recovery includes improved well-being, becoming a better person, living in positive community with others, finding meaning and purpose and being of service to those around us.

Connection - connection is central to our recovery journey. The ability to share the joy of recovery and ease the pain of addiction with those around us who understand the experience offers an amazing healing and rejuvenating effect. It is a recognition that “I am, because we are”.

Becoming - becoming represents our commitment to identify who we are and work towards the best version of ourselves. It recognizes that we do not arrive in recovery fully formed and flawless. Instead it celebrates that recovery offers numerous opportunities for growth.

Ut Prosim - Recovery gives us the responsibility to give to others what was freely given to us. Our ethic of service holds value both as insurance against future use of substances, and as a requirement of a happy and useful life.

Recovery provides hope.

Sponsored by: Carilion Education Fund

We recognize that the experience of Recovery and the experience of substance use disorder and/or process addictions exist at the intersections of race, ethnicity, gender, sex, sexuality, culture, age, d/Disability status, class, and other identities and therefore result in varied lived experiences. We strive to create inclusive spaces respecting these intersections, where you can bring your whole self to heal. Further we welcome the creation of more ways to support your recovery.

We acknowledge the Tutelo/Monacan people, who are the traditional custodians of the land on which we work and live, and recognize their continuing connection to the land, water and air that Virginia Tech consumes. We pay respect to the Tutelo/Monacan Nations, and to their elders part, present and emerging.”