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Sexual Violence Prevention Workshops

Hokie Wellness Stakeholder Model

Together We Can End Sexual Violence In Our Community!

  • In Hokie Wellness, we not only pride ourselves in providing the best programming we can around sexual violence prevention but also around building leadership & confidence for students to talk about these really important issues with their communities. Do you want to help craft & facilitate a SVP workshop for your community? We want to help you! All of our SVP and active intervention workshops can be customized to your community with our very own Stakeholder Model!

Sexual Violence Prevention Peer Educators

  • The SVP Peer Team is a group of undergraduate and graduate students who are the facilitators of our program workshops. The team’s primary goal is to educate campusmembers on how to recognize and prevent sexual and interpersonal violence in theircommunities along with building up the skills and confidence Hokie’s need to do this important work in their communities.


Deconstructing Sexual Violence

  • It can feel really overwhelming trying to unpack everything that impacts how sexual and interpersonal violence shows up in our communities. Is this your first time learning about sexual and interpersonal violence or are you looking for a refresher training? We got you covered in this foundational course that will help attendees review the terminology and elements of sexual & interpersonal violence, relevant statistics for college students, affirmative consent, incapacitation, coercion, healthy/unhealthy relationship dynamics and our ‘Spectrum of Harm’ activity.

Active Intervention in Action!

  • This discussion based workshop is perfect for anyone who has already taken ‘Deconstructing Sexual Violence’ or a previous training about sexual and interpersonal violence who wants to take their intervention skills to the next level! Participants in this workshop will develop a personalized intervention plan that will empower them to feel more confident and prepared to intervene in a variety of situations to prevent or deescalate harm.

Building Prevention Spaces in Your Organization

  • This ‘working session’ is perfect for student organizations, club sports, athletic teams, academic departments or other organizations on campus who are interested in identifying more opportunities to increase their prevention efforts within their community. In this working session organizations will utilize our prevention spaces tool and debrief to identify areas where the organization is doing well with prevention efforts and opportunities for preventiongrowth. At the end of the working session the organization will leave with an action plan to implement prevention items into their community.
  • ** this working session needs a minimum of 2 hours.
  • *** organizations must take ‘Deconstructing Sexual Violence’ or show proof that they have taken a similar training on sexual violence and interpersonal violence prevention prior to scheduling this working session.

One Love Workshops on Unhealthy/Healthy Relationships

  • The workshops listed here are from the One Love Foundation and can be requested from the Hokie Wellness SVP Program.

Love Labyrinth

  • A one hour workshop discussing the short video ‘Love Labyrinth’ from the One Love Foundation. This video depicts the cycle of an unhealthy relationship and the factors that can keep someone stuck in an abusive relationship dynamic. This workshop is discussion based and focuses on the warning signs of an abusive relationship and unhealthy behaviors.

Behind the Post

  • A one hour workshop that looks at the ways that social media can be misleading about how relationships are ‘offline’. The series of short videos depict unhealthy/abusive relationship dynamics that happen behind the pretty posts on social media. This workshop is discussion based and focuses on how we can be more mindful that what we see on social media isn’t always what is really happening in someone’s relationship.

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