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Sexual Violence Prevention Workshops

Hokie Wellness Stakeholder Model:
Together We Can End Sexual Violence In Our Community!

In Hokie Wellness, we not only pride ourselves in providing the best programming we can around sexual violence prevention but also around building leadership & confidence for students to talk about these really important issues with their communities. Do you want to help craft & facilitate a svp workshop for your community? We want to help you! All of our svp and bystander intervention workshops can be customized to your community with our Stakeholder Model!


Deconstructing Sexual Violence

It can feel really overwhelming recognizing, understanding and intervening in situations of sexual violence. In this training we focus on  building knowledge of the different forms of violence that fall under the umbrella of sexual violence(i.e. healthy/unhealthy relationship dynamics, dating violence, prevalence of sexual violence, harassment, stalking & how to support someone who discloses an incident of violence) along with providing an introduction to active bystander intervention techniques.

The following programs based on understanding yourself as a bystander are recommended for individuals or organizations that have completed our Deconstructing Sexual Violence training workshop or a comparable program.

Advanced SVP & Active Bystander Intervention

This training takes our foundational Deconstructing Sexual Violence training/workshop to a whole new level and focuses on broadening our scope of sexual violence prevention through developing active bystander intervention skills to prevent, address and create lasting change in our social, work and gathering spaces. This program can be tailored to the requesting organization’s needs.

Bringing in the Bystander training

The program from Soteria Solutions aims to teach participants the skills necessary to identify problematic/dangerous behavior, develop empathy for victims, practice safe and effective methods of intervention, and commit to taking action as a bystander.

Constructing Prevention Culture & Spaces in Your Organization

This training is for organizations that want to develop a better sense of sexual violence prevention in their organization or department. In this training we look at what our organization is already doing well, opportunities to enhance prevention opportunities, & areas for prevention growth. Organizations and departments will leave with a detailed prevention plan upon successful completion of the training/workshop.

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