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Developing Resiliency - Workshop Series

Fostering Resiliency

Learning to Press Pause

Often when we’re stressed & feeling strong emotions, we don’t think or react as rationally as we would like. Many of us experience patterns of thinking, or ‘mind traps’, that can be ineffective and even irrational sometimes. How do we shift these reactions? By learning more about how our thoughts, feelings, and actions all connect.

In this workshop we will cover how we can press pause in the heat of the moment, consider how to react to life stressors in a productive way, and recognize when we’re starting to fall into these common ‘mind traps’.

Developing a Growth Mindset

What are your personal beliefs about intelligence and talent? What do you say to yourself when you make a mistake? Often when we’re struggling, our inner monologues can become critical and it takes practice to shift our mindsets.

Believe it or not, the mindset we have and the way we talk to ourselves when we’re approaching difficult tasks has a big impact on our academic success and personal well-being. In this workshop we will learn how to develop a growth mindset and reframe our automatic thoughts that can often be negative.

Self-Care or Treat Yo'Self?

In college it can feel like there’s so much to do and so little time, which often means that taking care of ourselves gets put on the backburner. Sometimes we believe that if we just get through this week we can do something fun and treat ourselves after. The truth is, though, self-care isn’t about short sprints, it’s a marathon. Consistent self-care can be a realistic practice with the right tools and a plan. In this workshop we will explore signs of stress & strategies for developing effective and sustainable coping skills. We will also try out some self-care exercises such as mindfulness. In this workshop you can assess your current coping skills, learn how to develop school-life balance, and create a realistic self-care plan for yourself.

The Key to Connection

While we often feel connected to others online, it can be difficult to maintain in-person social supports and combat loneliness. Creating secure connections and feeling like you belong can be an adjustment - especially in college.

In this workshop we will explore what secure social supports look like and the difference between being alone and feeling lonely. We will cover strategies to increase a sense of belonging with others and on campus. This workshop will provide an opportunity to reflect on your support systems, increase campus involvement, and how to overcome the challenges of feeling a sense of belonging in college.

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