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Mental Health Workshops

Fostering Resiliency

In this workshop we learn how to go from simply reacting to stressors to thoughtfully responding to them. Together we will learn how our beliefs and emotions shape our behavior. Additionally, we will explore some common ‘mind traps’, also known as cognitive distortions’, and learn how to dismantle them when these types of thoughts arise.

What do you say to yourself when you make a mistake or experience a setback? What are your beliefs about your intelligence or abilities? In this workshop we will learn how to shift into a growth mindset by exploring concepts like receiving feedback, using supportive self-talk, and the power of effort.

Do I have to earn self-care? Is mindfulness all it’s cracked up to be? How do I know if my current coping skills are genuinely managing my stress? In this workshop, we explore all these questions & more. Together we work step by step through a realistic self-care plan as we learn more about effective self-care and engage in some introductory mindfulness practices.

In college it can feel like everyone has already found “their people'', but the truth is: it’s not uncommon to experience loneliness or have difficulty navigating support systems. In this workshop, we will practice communications skills and learn about different types of support that can help us build meaningful connections.

In this workshop we use journaling as a tool for exploring the intersection of mindfulness and emotions. We will take some time to journal individually and engage in dialogue collectively about the “what”, “why”, & “how” of our unique emotional experiences. (Journals are provided while supplies last)

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