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Current Offerings:

In light of the current CDC recommendations related to COVID-19, all in-person employee wellness programs have been cancelled through the end of April. We are currently exploring virtual health education offerings, and should those become available, they will be announced via a daily VT news campus notice.

It is still vitally important to prioritize well-being during this time. Helpful resources are listed below:

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is available to all benefited employees and their families. This benefit provides four free sessions with a licensed professional counselor for any reason at all. There are virtual and phone-based options available, presenting a safer alternative to in-person appointments during this time of social distancing. If you or someone in your family are interested in utilizing this benefit, please call the number below that is associated with your individual health plan:

  • If you have Anthem (COVA care or COVA HDHP), call: 1-855-223-9277
  • If you have Aetna (COVA HealthAware), call: 1-888-238-6232
  • If you have Kaiser Permanente HMO, call 1-866-517-7042
  • If you have Optima, call: 1-866-846-2682

As announced in the message from Vice President for Human Resources Bryan Garey published Sunday, March 15, faculty and staff are encouraged to explore alternative work options including telework, flexible schedules, and leave. Managers and unit leaders are encouraged to arrange for employees to work remotely, if this can be achieved while still allowing the university to accomplish its important missions. For more information, please follow this link.

Ikaria offers free virtual community “meetups” to help people stay connecting during this time of social distancing. Events include virtual yoga and Zumba classes, meditation, musical circle time for children, virtual lunch meetups, and much more.

Available Programming:

Mindfulness at Home

We know that spaces for students and professionals to connect with others, learn, pause, & care for their emotional well-being are vital. Now, more than ever, it is important to take moments throughout each day to breathe and be mindful.

Students and employees are invited to discover the importance of mindfulness at the Koru Mindfulness series. During the series, participants will be introduced to the practice of mindfulness and learn several skills, including meditation for managing stress.

Our top priority is fostering wellness and engaging in best community health practices. In the spirit of Koru Mindfulness, please care for yourselves and your mental health. Attending Koru Mindfulness is just one way of doing so.

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Hokie How-to: Nutrition

Check out our Youtube channel for cool how-to videos on healthy snacks and meals!

To see more recipes and to get some to try for yourself, visit our Nutrition at Home page!

Don't hesitate to contact us at with any questions or concerns. We look forward to connecting with you soon!

Resiliency In the Workplace: Learning to Press Pause

Often when we’re stressed & feeling strong emotions in the workplace, we don’t think or react as rationally as we would like. Many of us experience patterns of thinking, or ‘mind traps’, that can be ineffective and even irrational sometimes. How do we shift these reactions? By learning more about how our thoughts, feelings, and actions all connect.

In this workshop open to all employees we will cover how we can press pause in the heat of the moment, consider how to react to life stressors in a productive way, and recognize when we’re starting to fall into these common ‘mind traps’.

Current Offerings:

Resiliency in the Workplace: Self-Care or Treat Yo’Self?

In the workplace it can feel like there’s so much to do and so little time, which often means that taking care of ourselves gets put on the back burner. Sometimes we believe that if we just get through this week we can do something fun and treat ourselves after. The truth is, though, self-care isn’t about short sprints, it’s a marathon. Consistent self-care can be a realistic practice with the right tools and a plan. In this workshop we will explore signs of stress & strategies for developing effective and sustainable coping skills. We will also try out some self-care exercises such as mindfulness.

In this workshop you can assess your current coping skills, learn how to develop work-life balance, and create a realistic self-care plan for yourself.

Current Offerings:

Virtual Learning Center

Find resources on working, leading, and learning in any environment! Talent Development has curated virtual learning opportunities with the Virginia Tech community in mind. Interested in tips for working at home, leading at a distance, enhancing teamwork, communicating with transparency, or building resilience? Explore these self-paced opportunities here.

Be sure to view the online content, any associated exercise files, and key takeaways or job aids to apply the information for continuous professional development! Certificates of completion will be available for all LinkedIn Learning courses.