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Sex Resources


Hokie Wellness and the Schiffert Health Center offer multiple sexual health programs and services. We encourage students who choose to be sexually active to reduce their risk of STD's/STI's (sexually transmitted disease also known as sexually transmitted infections) and pregnancy.

The majority of Virginia Tech students will be sexually active at some point during their lifetimes. Our education and prevention services are designed to prepare Hokies for healthy and productive lives at Virginia Tech and beyond. All our services and programs are designed to be welcoming and inclusive.

Facts About STDs in College:

  • HPV is prevalent in college students and causes genital, oral, and anal warts and cancers.
  • Gonorrhea is becoming resistant to many of the antibiotics used to treat it.
  • In many cases, STD/STIs don't show any symptoms although they can be transmitted and causing harm to those who have them.
  • Regular testing, especially after having new partners, helps detect stds early. Testing is easy and affordable at Virginia Tech.
  • Over 90% of HPV cancers are preventable through HPV vaccination.

Facts About Pregnancy:

  • 99% of sexually active American women 15-44 have used a contraceptive method other than natural family planning.
  • Two-thirds of sexually active women use contraceptives consistently and correctly over a year; these women account for only 5% of all unintended pregnancies.
  • By contrast, the 18% of sexually active women use contraceptives inconsistently or incorrectly account for 41% of all unintended pregnancies.
  • 14% of the sexually active women who do not practice contraception at all or who have gaps of a month or more during the year. account for 54% of all unintended pregnancies.

Sexual Health Resources:

The Schiffert Health Center offers 24 condoms for $5 + tax to Virginia Tech Students. Students can ask for condoms in the Schiffert Pharmacy, or download a Condom Coupon and hand it to any Schiffert Pharmacy employee. The Pharmacy also stocks condom coupons and OTC slips that you can fill out when you arrive.

Plan B Emergency Contraceptives and generics cost approximately $20-25, are available whenever the Schiffert Pharmacy is open, and can be requested verbally or by completing a OTC form when you arrive at the pharmacy. Ella Emergency Contraceptives can be prescribed by the VT Women's Clinic at 540-231-6569 and cost approximately $30. Note: An appointment may be required.

Anybody can purchase Plan B and Generic Emergency Contraceptives at local Blacksburg grocers and pharmacies. Project Ruby can deliver Ella overnight to you after a consultation with their providers.
Note: these are 3rd party services not affiliated with Virginia Tech.

VT students can receive the HPV vaccine at the Schiffert Health Center. Students pay for the vaccine at their appointment and can request an invoice to submit to their insurance companies for (potential) reimbursement. Any person with insurance can often contact the local Blacksburg pharmacies and inquire about getting the Gardasil vaccine directly from them. Many will give the vaccine at no cost to the person (so you won't need to pay that day) and directly bill your insurance company.

Any Virginia Tech student can get a free HIV test (and Hep C and syphilis tests if requested) on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month from 9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. You may also make an appointment with a Schiffert Health Care health care provider to get an HIV test (at low cost but not free). Several other local HIV testing locations are available including the Drop in Center in Roanoke.

STI Testing - On Campus

The Schiffert Health Center offers sexual health appointments in the Women's Clinic and general medical clinics.

STI Testing - Off Campus

The Montgomery County Health Department offers various STD tests. You can also call the Drop In Center in Roanoke.