Healthy Hokie Workshops

Body Project Workshop Series

The Body Project Workshop Series is a two-part workshop series that helps women challenge their personal body-related concerns, talk more positively about their bodies, and respond to future pressures to achieve the appearance ideal. The workshop setting is welcoming, encouraging, and friendly. (Open to women only)

Combination Contraception & STD

Wondering about birth control options? Nervous about STDs and challenging conversations? Looking for testing resources? Come to our "combo" class to learn everything from abstinence to emergency contraception to symptoms or zero symptoms of an STD. You'll leave this interactive workshop with knowledge and free condoms if you want them.

Friends Helping Friends in Distress

Are you concerned about a friend or family member who is struggling and wish you knew what to do and say to help them? Learn how to recognize the symptoms of sadness and depression and how to engage with a person you care about to get them help. During this workshop, you can practice techniques on understanding and intervening in different scenarios and situations.

Nutrition 101

The body needs fuel to succeed academically, emotionally, and physically. Nutrition 101 covers the fundamentals of healthy eating, including how to choose the right foods and the appropriate quantity, and where to access it. Learn how to understand confusing food labels, take advantage of resources, and navigate choices on campus and in daily life.

Sex Family Feud

This fun, interactive TV game show style workshop explores the topics of sexually transmitted diseases, abstinence, and making safer sex choices. Free condoms available for all participants.

Sleep Better Techniques

Are you satisfied with the quality of your sleep? Do you wake up tired or fall asleep during the day? This workshop covers what happens cognitively and physically when you sleep and offers sleep assessments to help you learn how to modify your sleep habits and start reaping the benefits of great sleep.

Sun Sense

Sun Sense participants will gain an understanding of what really happens when UV rays hit your skin and learn the best ways to prevent sun induced skin damage. This includes information on sun screens, skin, and self-exams. This workshop also dispels commonly held myths about the safety of tanning beds and tanning.

Unwind Offline

How does digital tech affect you? Are you constantly “checking” social media? Participants in this workshop will gain an understanding of their level of technology dependence and its effects on aspects of health and well-being, learn the pros and cons of device use, discuss addictive aspects of social media , and learn tips to minimize the negatives of device use.