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Child Care

As part of our commitment to help Virginia Tech employees find harmony between work and personal responsibilities, Hokie Wellness is pleased to provide child care options available locally. While Hokie Wellness is pleased to provide this information, it is important to note that we are not endorsing any individual form of child care.

We believe that parents are best qualified to choose child care arrangements for their children. As a parent, it is your responsibility to carefully visit, interview, and check the references of each provider or center.  We also recommend that parents make surprise visits to the place of care in order to assess that the services being provided are a good fit for your child.

The links below can help make the process of selecting child care and finding assistance as easy as possible for the Virginia Tech community.

  • The Department of Social Services (DSS): Maintains a database that allows parents to learn more about child care and search for licensed child care. Parents have the ability to search places of care and review inspection history, including the frequency, nature of and dates of violations.

  • ChildCare Aware of Virginia: Child Care Aware of Virginia is a community-based network of child care and early education specialists. The organization delivers services to families, child care professionals and communities, working to increase the accessibility, availability and quality of child care in Virginia.

  • Virginia Quality: Allows parents to learn about quality ratings and search for child care, including home care, that is Virginia quality rated.

The Child Care Subsidy Program (CCSP)

You may qualify for assistance with child care costs under temporary and expanded eligibility criteria.

Subsidy Eligibility May 2021.pdf Child Care Subsidy Program Promotional Flyer

The DSS also provides options for child care assistance.

  • Child Development Center for Learning and Research (CDCLR): The Child Development Center for Learning and Research (CDCLR) within the Department of Human Development and Family Science in the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences is nationally accredited and provides a model preschool program for children and their families rooted in child development theory, research and developmentally appropriate practice. All children of Virginia Tech employees qualify to attend the CDCLR.

  • Employee Assistance Program: a free resource for employees enrolled in a health care plan that provides a wide variety of caregiving services.

  • Virginia Tech Graduate School Resources: The Graduate School provides the following resources to help parents.

  • Women's Center: Some of the Women's Center caregiving resources include those located on the Caregiving Support page on their website. This includes caregiver check-ins, the Working Parents Listserv, and additional resources.

  • The Student List contains the names of Virginia Tech students, who are interested in part-time work caring for children in their own homes (i.e., baby-sitting). We maintain this list as a convenience to parents, as well as students, but do not endorse any individuals. We do supply information regarding training and/or experience and availability as well as references, but it is the responsibility of the family to research anyone they may wish to employ as a child care provider. Please keep in mind that the first responsibility of these students is to their education; they should not be expected to put outside jobs before studies.

    To receive the Student List contact Hokie Wellness.