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Healthy Hokie Workshops

Hokie Wellness offers many workshops that are always open to the general student body.

If you are like many women, you have survived years of being taught that your body is not good enough, thin enough, strong enough, pretty enough, sexy enough. Your body image doesn’t meet the body ideal that "society" demands. Feeling bad, resentful, and disappointed about your body, harms your self-esteem, attitude, confidence, your body and mental health.

Hokie Wellness has taught the Body Project Workshop Series (BPWS) for 5 years. Hundreds of women have changed how they think about themselves and what is important. For many of them, it is the first time they talked about their bodies. Our participants come from every aspect of campus and community life.

Hokie Wellness encourages (and teaches workshops about) exercising for health and performance reasons, and eating nutritious and sensible meals. The BPWS is not an anti-health workshop. We are not going to tell you that is is fine to never exercise, sit around, and eat all day long. That is not what having a healthy body image is. You won't hear any of that in the BPWS.

This workshop series is entirely interactive and you'll have many opportunities to contribute. The participants themselves generate almost all of the content and discussions. Our Body Project Facilitators just lead participants there. You'll get to talk, share, listen, and discover with other women. Most participants are surprised at just how much they enjoyed the workshop and say that the 4 hours flew by. For many, it's the beginning of a whole new way of thinking.

Having seen the results of the BPWS we believe that every woman should attend. In addition to gaining personally, you will learn techniques that can help you speak to other women, your sisters, and perhaps even your children in body positive ways.

Why not enroll right now? We offer BPWS workshops for several different groups of women.

  • Any woman VT student
  • Sorority Women can take a sorority BPWS Sign Up
  • VT faculty and staff can email for information on upcoming special BPWS for VT employees

Wondering about birth control options? Nervous about STDs and challenging conversations? Looking for testing resources? Come to our "combo" class to learn everything from abstinence to emergency contraception to symptoms of an STD.

Hokie Wellness staff refers to the workshop as a "combo workshop." It is actually a special workshop offered in association with Human Sexuality 2314. However, you don't have to be in HD2314 to take the workshop. Anybody who wants to attend this workshop can do so. The important thing is that we only offer credit (put link back to getting credit page) for taking the workshop (if you are taking it for academic credit) to students in HD2314.

Like all of our sexuality workshops, the Combo Workshop is interactive, fun, and you will get some free condoms at the end!

Note: The Combo workshop is a modified version of our Do It Safer and Contraception Jeopardy workshop. If you have taken or plan to take either of them, it is recommended you do not attend this workshop since it will cover the same material.

At Contraception Jeopardy Workshop, the participant will get important information on where and what major contraceptives are available to Virginia Tech students. Participants also learn how to get prescriptions and over-the-counter contraceptives and they’ll win special prizes!

This workshop benefits those who are having, or will one day have, sex that can result in pregnancy. If that is you, and you're not ready to be a mother or father right now, we strongly recommend getting a contraceptive method for you or your partner. This workshop will teach you how.

Like all of our sexuality workshops, Contraception Jeopardy is interactive, fun, and you will get some free condoms at the end!

Do It Safer is an interesting and relevant workshop about all of the ways you can reduce you risk of getting STD(i).

We are not going to bombard you with images of STDs and long medical explanations about viral infections. It's not a biology lecture. Instead you'll get to focus on the things that reduce your changes of getting or transmitting an STD(i). We will explore STD prevalence rates, treatment, and prevention options specific to you. We have several fun activities built into the workshop. While it may not be as fun as a trip to an amusement park, we guarantee that the things you learn can help keep many of the unfunny things about sexual activity at bay.

We think everybody should take this workshop - whether you are sexually active now or thinking you may be in the future. You'll walk away with helpful information about how to prevent getting or giving a sexually transmitted infection and a handful of condoms, too.

HEAT teaches dozens of sexual health workshops every semester. What are you waiting for? Sign-up for Do It Safer today!

Are you concerned about a friend or family member who is struggling and wish you knew what to do and say to help them?

Hokie Wellness knows this is a tough situation, so we developed a wonderful workshop called Helping Friends in Distress (HFID). In the workshop, you will learn how to recognize the symptoms of sadness and depression, how to engage with a person you care about, and discuss ways to get them further help. HFID programs are interactive and you will get to practice techniques.

During your lifetime, you will have friends and family members that experience loss, sadness, or depression. An HFID workshop can help you understand and intervene in those situations, even though it is not designed to teach you how to treat the persons loss or sadness.

The body needs fuel to succeed academically, emotionally, and physically. In this workshop, we don't focus on fad diets, facebook food crazes, restrictions, monthly cleanses, or the like. We talk about the food your body and mind need to be successful; how to choose it; how much; and where to get it. We encourage balance and variety. You won't hear us talking about good-vs-bad foods. You'll learn about resources that help you navigate food choices on campus and in life.

Nutrition 101 covers the fundamentals of healthy eating, including how to choose the right foods and the appropriate quantity, and where to access it. Learn how to understand confusing food labels, take advantage of resources, and navigate choices on campus and in daily life.

This fun, interactive TV game show style workshop explores the topics of sexually transmitted diseases, abstinence, and making safer sex choices. Learn about the more prevalent sexually transmitted infections on campus and discuss ways to reduce the risk of getting or transmitting STIs and STDs.

Like all of our sexuality workshops, Safer Sex Family Feud is interactive, fun, and you will get some free condoms at the end!

How is your sleep? Do you wish you got more? Are you satisfied with the quality of your sleep? Do you wake up tired or fall asleep during the day?

At various points in your life you will have problems with sleep such as: sleep deprivation, sleeplessness, sleep disturbances, etc. Everybody does. Changing your sleep habits and getting healthy sleep now, has a lifetime of benefits (which you will learn about in this workshop!). And when your sleep isn't perfect, you'll have ideas on what to do to fix it.

Most people think being asleep is sort of like being unconscious. Nothing could be farther from the truth. In this workshop we'll cover what really is happening cognitively and physically when you sleep. You will do several sleep assessments to help you learn how to modify your sleep habits and start reaping the benefits of great sleep..

The sun is awesome! It's warm, life-giving, and brightens everyone's day. All living organisms need the sun for survival. But for humans, it also creates a host of problems such as: cancer, wrinkly skin, immune problems, skin diseases, cataracts, burns, and more.

Hokie Wellness sorts all of this out in our Sun Sense workshop. You'll leave with an understanding of what really happens when UV rays hit your skin. We'll talk about the best ways to prevent sun induced skin damage. We'll watch videos and discuss the commonly held myths about the safety of tanning beds and tanning. Don't forget base tans either!

Most people leave Sun Sense with a new appreciation for the damage that UV rays can do. Many leave with a new, or renewed, commitment to protecting the skin from UV rays. And at the end, you'll even get some free sunscreen!

Do you feel like you and everyone around you is constantly looking at a phone? Do you love feeling connected to others and get annoyed by phones at the same time? You are not alone! 1 in 5 Americans say technology is a significant form of stress. Come to this workshop to learn the science behind why we can’t put our phones down. We will help you understand your level of technology dependence, recognize the pros and cons of your use, and challenge you to identify a behavior change inspired by being more mindful. This workshop may help you become more present with your friends and family as well as feel better about yourself, get better grades, and sleep!

Koru Mindfulness

Hokie Wellness offers the Koru Mindfulness program for both students and employees. Koru Mindfulness is an evidence-based curriculum specifically designed for teaching mindfulness, meditation, and stress management to all ages.

Fostering Resiliency

This workshop series helps students learn how to react rationally under stress and how to remain mindful, even when work piles up and life is stressful.

Party Positive Workshops

Party positive workshops are offered in closed sessions. If you are interested in attending one of these, please contact us at

Online Programs

Various online programs are offered through the Department of Student Affairs, including AlcoholEdu, DiversityEdu, and Sexual Assault Prevention. Find out more by visiting their page: