Who may attend?

Any Virginia Tech Student may attend any Wellness Workshop unless that workshop has specific attendance limitations which will be listed in the description.


All workshops are offered in room 143 of McComas Hall unless otherwise noted. When you enter the "gym side" of McComas Hall (opposite the Health Center) look for a hallway in the right corner next to the Rec Sports Offices (DON'T go down the long hallway to gym). Room 143 is located behind that door. Please note that the "Body Project Workshop Series" may occur at other locations, so please read the description carefully.

Registration Required

Students are required to register online for the workshop they wish to attend. In order to make efficient use of our limited resources we don't offer workshops unless we have 15 people registered. Please register early in the semester; workshops fill up fast.

Rules for all wellness workshops

Participants should arrive AT LEAST 10 minutes before the start of the workshop. Parking at the McComas lot is often messy.  Sometimes that lot is closed for parking. Please plan accordingly. If you are late to a workshop, you will not be admitted. You must remain for the entire workshop.

  • Active participation in workshop
  • Respect your workshop facilitators
  • Respect the other individuals attending the workshop
  • Absolutely no cell phone, music players, laptops or any electronic device use allowed
  • Willingness to learn and have some fun

No video or photographs policy

In order to protect the privacy of our workshop facilitators and the people who attend our programs, we do not allow videos or photographs to be made during any part of Hokie Wellness events or workshops. This includes videos and images made by cell phones and other devices. All Hokie Wellness program facilitators, at their discretion, have the right to dismiss any individual(s) they believe are violating this policy. Hokie Wellness may make video recording of programs for internal assessment purposes. 

Class credit

Some students use our Wellness Workshop Series as part of a class credit or health incentive program. If you are attending a workshop as a requirement for a class, you must sign a list during the workshop. Your facilitator will tell you when to sign the list. Hokie Wellness forwards a list of attendees to their respective professors at the end of the semester.

If you are removed from any workshop for violating the rules or policies of the workshop, you will not be allowed to take ANY future wellness workshops for academic credit.  In addition, you will be required to meet with a Hokie Wellness professional staff member prior to taking any future wellness workshops for personal reasons. 

No double-dipping workshop credit

You may not use Wellness Workshops to satisfy TWO separate class (and/or university requirements).  For example, you may have two classes - such as PHS 1514 and Human Sexuality (online) - that both give you credit for attending one or more workshops. If this is the case, you need to choose which class you want to apply the workshop to. When you sign the attendance sheet at the workshop, you will indicate the professor/instructor you want the workshop credit applied to  So in the above example, if you attend the "Combination Workshop" to satisfy Human Sexuality (online), you will not also receive credit for PHS_1514 class. 

Another example would be…  you take the Body Project Workshop Series to meet a sorority requirement. You may not also use it to satisfy any part of PHS_1514 class.  

In addition, if you have taken a workshop in the past (for whatever reason), you may not apply it to any current classes. 

Inclement weather and class cancellations

If Virginia Tech officials cancel evening classes, all workshop for that evening will also be canceled IF the workshops START AFTER the time stated by the university. The Virginia Tech homepage, news, and radio stations carry information about inclement weather closings. You can also call 540-231-6668 for a recording about inclement weather closings. Hokie Wellness also reserves the right to cancel workshops due to inclement weather (or for any reason). In this case we will attempt to contact you by email (if possible). If a workshop is canceled due to inclement weather, it will not be rescheduled.

Need to cancel or change a workshop?

  • If you need to cancel a workshop, please login to Sign-Up Genius and make sure you remove yourself from the workshop.
  • If you need to change a workshop, please login to Sign-Up Genius and make sure you remove yourself from the workshop BEFORE adding another one.

If you are registered for a workshop and do not attend, we reserve the right to deny you participation in future workshops, and remove your registration for future workshops. Please cancel your workshop so we can admit others who are waiting.

For questions

For questions, email Lindsay.
Please Note: We reserve the right to limit participation in any workshop and to make changes to any workshop offering, including changes in dates, times, subjects, content, presenters, cancellations, and number of offerings for any reason(s).

See workshop descriptions and register for workshops.