Following our harm-reduction approach, these one-on-one sessions provide students the opportunity to discuss personal habits and behaviors surrounding alcohol and/or substance use. The sessions are in an empathetic, non-confrontational, and non-judgmental environment. The overarching goal of these sessions is to assist students in exploring their alcohol or other drug use, with the goal of decreasing negative consequences.

The initial session gathers information about the student's recent patterns of consumption, personal beliefs about alcohol/drugs, and prepares the student for an online assessment survey.

Information from the online assessment survey is used to develop a customized feedback profile for use in the second session. This feedback profile compares personal use with the campus population, reviews individualized negative consequences and risk factors, clarifies perceived risks and benefits of drinking/drugs, and provides options to assist in making changes to decrease or abstain from alcohol/drug use.

Students may choose to continue to see a counselor for additional sessions and may be referred to Cook Counseling Center or other community resources when it is in the best interest of the student.

These sessions are delivered by trained personnel and counseling interns under supervision of a licensed counselor.