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Events and Meetings

Sex/Porn Recovery Meeting | 4-5pm

A If you are worried about your use of pornography, have tried to quit using pornography without success and/or turn to sex or pornography as a relief from day to day struggles, this community welcomes you. This group will offer you support of others who know what that feeling is like. No judgement, just shared solutions and experience. In person at 180 Peddrew-Yates or

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Never Miss Monday meeting | 7-8pm

A weekly discussion meeting for all people in recovery and all types of recovery
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Send Doods! | Wednesdays 6-7pm | Hybrid

In-person at The Roost or virtually via Zoom

A meeting for dudes and those that identify as male

Friends and Family in Addiction | Thursdays 5-6pm

In-Person Meeting Room 180, Peddrew-Yates

A support group for students whose life feels out of control due to someone else's drug or alcohol use. A space to share your experience and receive support. You are not alone.

Women/Non Binary in Recovery | Saturdays at 11am

Women’s Center 206 Washington St Blacksburg

A mutual aid group for women, female identifying and non-binary students, staff and faculty at Virginia Tech who are in recovery and want to share their experience and support each other.

Rainbow Recovery | Every 1st, 3rd, and 5th Sunday

Women’s Center 206 Washington St Blacksburg

For LGBTQIA+ who are in recovery

And via zoom – email for the zoom link

Local Meetings

AA Resources in Blacksburg

AA Duckpond Group - by the porch of the Solitude House near the VT Duckpond.
Meets Tuesday and Friday at 6pm, Sundays at 11am. Outdoor meeting.

AA Blacksburg Meeting - at Blacksburg United Methodist Church, 203 East Roanoke Street
Meets daily at 7:30pm.

AA Resources in Christiansburg

Top - at the top of the mountain, 325 F North Franklin Street, Christiansburg, VA 24073
Meets daily at noon and 7pm.

Buddhist Resources in Blacksburg

Dharma Recovery - UU church 1301 Gladewood Dr, Blacksburg, VA 24060
Meets every Thursday 7:00-8:30pm, email for more details.

NA Resources Locally

Closest meetings are in Christiansburg

Keep it Simple (KISS) - 103 E. Main St Christiansburg, Va 24073

If you are nervous about going to your first meeting, you can meet one of us first in person by emailing or by phone 540-231-2233.

What to expect

At our meetings you can expect to see students from a range of majors, freshmen through seniors, PhD students and the occasional faculty or staff member in recovery will drop in. We speak about where we are at in our life, our recovery or simply what is top of mind, and help each other through sharing our own experience and what works for us. There is not a minimum requirement of recovery to attend this meeting, you can be in recovery, trying to achieve recovery or just wanting to learn more. All that we ask is that you are abstinent on the day you attend.

What to expect at a 12 step meeting

In the US meetings are often held in church halls, community centers or club houses that the local 12 step community have purchased or rented. As you arrive most people hanging around outside will be waiting for the meeting to start and taking the opportunity to chat. Inside people will be seated, usually in some form of circle, and if they think you are new quite a few will make the time to introduce themselves to you and may share their telephone number with you. You will likely be told that you are in the right place and that you should keep coming back.

The meeting will begin with a prayer, usually the short version of the Serenity Prayer and the majority of people recite it, but there is no obligation. After the prayer the chairperson will invite members to read excerpts from the 12 step literature. At this point the chairperson may ask if there are any newcomers, or first-timers, attending the meeting who would like to introduce themselves by their first name. You can introduce yourself but its not mandatory.

group meeting

A list of meetings in our local area is available here.

AA also has a meeting finder app that you can download here.
NA also has a meeting finder app that you can download here.
Recovery Dharma has a national meeting list here.
Smart Recovery has a national meeting list here.