Linda Davis Headshot

Linda Davis, MS RD served Virginia Tech for twenty-five years. She taught nutrition classes for the Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise department, worked in the car­diac rehabilitation program (Tech Center) and was a registered dietitian in the Schiffert Health Center.

Linda spent much of her career at Virginia Tech helping women with eating disor­ders and body image issues get appropriate treatment. She was a caring professional who helped VT students, including men, all the way from diagnosis, through treatment, and during re­covery. Linda’s clients were always in the forefront of her mind.

In 1998 a group of health professionals met to discuss the growing problem of eating disorders on campus.  This group established the Eating Disorder Task Force, of which Linda was a founding member.  She served as the chair and co-chair of the committee, which has planned awareness and education events on campus yearly since 2000.  The initial focus of preventing eating disorders expanded into encouraging healthy body image and healthy eating and exercise behaviors.

The Linda Davis Endowment is her lasting contribution to that mission.

This endowment is critical in the fight against eating disorders and body image issues at Virginia Tech. Linda’s generous support provides a timeless gift that establishes a permanent education program to encourage healthy exercise and eating behaviors and a body-positive culture for every Virginia Tech student.

In recent times, the Linda Davis Endowment has supported Body Matters Week Programming, numerous Body Project Workshop Series, Body Project Photo Booths, and training of body image program facilitators.

Linda has retired from Virginia Tech and now spends her time being active in Blacksburg with her husband Jack and dog, Jude. Grand-motherhood has also become a special part of her life. She continues to be the same friendly, fun, caring person that students and colleagues always knew. You can often spot her in downtown Blacksburg at the Farmers Market.