Dr. Charles W. Schiffert, director of the Virginia Tech University Student Health Center from 1970-1986, generously established the Dolores S. Schiffert Health Education Endowment. This fund honors his beloved wife of more than 50 years—a source of unwavering inspiration and support—who passed away on November 30, 2007.

This $1 million gift, which ranks among the largest given to the Division of Student Affairs at Virginia Tech, is being used to advance a health education program that Schiffert established more than 30 years ago. It reflects his continuing interest in physical and emotional good health and his enduring commitment to principles of prevention as well as treatment.

Schiffert’s invaluable contributions as a distinguished director of student health services, made during a very active working career, were recognized in 1998 when the Health Center was named in his honor.

The Dolores S. Schiffert Health Education Endowment recognizes an extraordinary additional contribution to Virginia Tech offered in retirement. This endowment, which builds on Schiffert’s vision, will advance health education in many ways. As Dolores Schiffert was a source of constant support for so many years for Schiffert, so now the Dolores S. Schiffert Endowment will consistently support the Virginia Tech Health Education program in its commitment to excellence.

This memorial gift also recognizes a very special personal relationship. Dolores Schiffert, who shared her husband’s commitment to Virginia Tech, not only utilized her nursing skills to support him in his medical duties, but she also supported him emotionally, especially when he needed to work long and irregular hours. She understood the gifts that he had to share with students and colleagues who relied on his medical and leadership abilities. This special bond was underscored in Dolores Schiffert’s last days when her husband’s loving care and medical skill were sources of invaluable support and consolation.