Over the past 15 years, Hokie Wellness has partnered with academic classes, serving more than 16,000 Virginia Tech students attending our workshops. Faculty members commonly use our workshops as part of classroom assignments, as out-of-class credit, and as make-up assignments.

Call us at 540-231-1874 to get involved with a workshop or add one to your class requirements.

Below are a few questions commonly asked by faculty about participating in the Healthy Hokie Workshop series:

What workshops do you offer for Virginia Tech students?

  • We typically offer workshops on contraception, STDs, sleeping techniques, stress reduction, mental health issues, sun and skin cancer, general wellness, nutrition, body image and others. See our schedule for current offerings.

I’m teaching an online class. If I make a workshop a requirement, some students won’t be able to attend.

  • We have extensive experience collaborating with online classes. Professors regularly use our workshops as requirements of their online classes. We suggest that professors offer those people who reside outside of the Blacksburg campus an alternative assignment. This alternative assignment can also be used for people who miss a workshop. We can discuss effective alternative assignments with you.

What academic areas are most likely to benefit from this program?

  • Any class that deals with health, success, gender issues, psychology, nutrition, coaching, sexuality, or personal wellness are likely partners for us. Content of the class rather than the name or academic department is probably more relevant.

What are the benefits of using the workshop series?

  • Professors partner with us for a variety of reasons. Some believe that their students need outside class experiences. They may not have time to cover the material we cover. They may not have all the current knowledge and insight about a topic, and/or would prefer their students get it from us. Some professors may want all, or some, of their students, to get more information on various topics. And many professors want their students to attend presentations that are more interactive than many large lectures.
  • We have also had professors use the workshops as a make-up or substitute for missing a class or project.

Are there any costs to the students or academic departments?

  • No.

Who do I contact for more information?