The Commonwealth of Virginia and the Virginia State Alcoholic Beverage Control Board have enacted a variety of laws and regulations that govern alcoholic beverages. They are summarized on the Student Conduct website at State Alcohol and Drug Laws.

Noise Violations

For a complete list of Blacksburg Town Code Ordinances in regard to noise violations, read Chapter 13: "Noise" of the Blacksburg Town Code.

Virginia Tech Policies

To avoid violations of Virginia Tech policies every student should be familiar with the policies outlined below and the alcohol laws in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Virginia Tech's Alcohol Policy, the Plain English Version

While not all cases involve violations of the Virginia Tech alcohol policy, a large percentage of our cases do. If your case involves an alleged alcohol violation, the following statement on the Virginia Tech alcohol policy may help answer some of your questions about your case.

The Policy

  • If you are under 21, it is illegal for you to drink.
  • It is illegal for anyone to buy alcohol for someone under 21.
  • It is illegal for anyone to be intoxicated in public or to drive under the influence.
  • It is a violation of university policy for your drunken behavior to disturb someone else's ability to sleep, study, or live peacefully. (This also means that other people's drunken behavior should not disturb your study or sleep.)
  • It is a violation of university policy for you to hurt or endanger yourself or someone else through drinking.

If you are 21 years old or older, this is for you. Please check out the Plain English summary of the alcohol policy as it applies to students legally able to consumer or possess alcohol: Virginia Tech's Alcohol Policy (21+), The Plain English Version

Virginia Tech's Illegal Drug Policy, The Plain English Version

The Policy

Virginia Tech has a zero tolerance policy with respect to illegal drugs such marijuana, LSD, ecstasy, rohypnol, cocaine, or heroin. Possessing, using, making, growing, giving, selling or distributing any illegal drug or controlled substance is forbidden.

If you are arrested or receive a summons for an alcohol related violation within the town of Blacksburg or in Montgomery County your case will be referred to the Virginia Tech judicial system for further action.

This plain-English summary is provided for your convenience. Read the entire alcohol policy in University Policies for Student Life (UPSL) in the Hokie Handbook. If you have questions, call Student Conduct at 540-231-3790.

Greek Party Policies

In the spirit of brotherhood, Greek organizations have established the following policies to ensure the safety of their guests:

  • Those under the legal drinking age of 21 years may not consume alcohol on our premises.
  • Participation in drinking games and other "high-risk" drinking behaviors is not permitted.
  • Nonalcoholic beverages and food are available whenever there is alcohol present at one of our events.
  • The possession, sale and/or use of illegal or controlled substances is strictly prohibited.
  • We have established a designated driver program, please see a fraternity member if you need a ride home.
  • Non-drinking party monitors are available, please see a fraternity member if you need assistance.
  • We do not tolerate or condone sexually abusive behavior or racism whether physical, mental, or emotional.
  • As a guest in our neighborhood, we ask that you act with courtesy toward our neighbors.
  • Please refrain from levels of noise that could be bothersome to our neighbors.
  • Please do not trespass on our neighbors' property.

Report violations of this policy to Fraternity and Sorority Life at 540-231-5725.