2014 award recipient

2014 Award Recipient

Dr. Holly Matusovich, Assistant Department Head for Graduate Programs in the Engineering Education Department, understands the importance of work/ life harmony and strives to provide it to her team on a regular basis. She promotes health and wellness by setting a standard for others in her department - she is an avid runner, dancer, and swims regularly. She also recognizes the importance of flexibility when it comes to maintaining work/life harmony- she is even open to alternate work locations if an employee really needs to concentrate on writing.

Honorable Mentions

Col. Dave Miller

Colonel Dave Miller, USA (ret.), deputy commandant for Leader Development and director of the Rice Center for Leader Development promotes work/ life harmony by helping his employees meet goals both at work and in their personal lives. He allows his team to take advantage of flexible work options so they are able to pursue degrees in addition to their work. He supports all his employees and treats them with dignity and respect. 

Gregorio Valdez

Gregorio Valdez, assistant professor at Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute, College of Science, Virginia Tech, and Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine maintains a "work hard, play hard" philosophy that is uplifting for his employees. He even organizes inter-lab dodgeball and kickball challenges to relieve stress and promote healthy fun.


  • Becky Saylors, Manager, Fixed Assets and Equipment Inventory Services
  • Christie Thompson, Director of Finance and Operations at Hume Center
  • Gabrielle Minnich, Electronic Communications Supervisor, University Relations
  • Gary Kirk, Director, VT Engage: The Community Learning Collaborative
  • Jim Foreman, Business Manager, OIRED
  • Julia Beamish, Department Head, Apparel, Housing and Resource Management
  • Kenneth Wong, Associate Dean, Graduate School and Director, Northern Virginia Center
  • Laurie Fritsch, Assistant Director of Health Eduction
  • Linda Bucy, Associate VP for Finance and Controls and COI Officer
  • Lori Greiner, Communications Manager, Virginia Cooperative Extension
  • Melissa Richards, Assistant Vice President for University Relations
  • Michael J. Weaver, Professor and Director, Virginia Tech Pesticide Programs
  • Monika Lawless, Department Operations Manager, Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics
  • Roger Avery, Senior Associate Dean, Research & Graduate Studies
  • Samantha Suroski, Patient Receiving/ Medical Records Supervisor, Veterinary Medicine
  • Susan Sumner, Associate Dean and Director, CALS Academic Programs
  • Tracie Smith, Post Award Grants Specialist, Veterinary Medicine/ Research and Graduate Studies
  • Vicki Langford, Director, Outreach & Educational Services, College of Engineering, Academic Affairs

Past Supervisor Spotlight Award Winners and Nominees

Monika Gibson

2013 Award Recipient

Monika Gibson, director of Student Services has developed a reputation for sincere empathy and understanding toward her employees' work-life balance. Gibson is credited with empowering her employees to take ownership of their careers and is considered to be a friend and confidant for the group. Whether it be alternate lunchtimes to attend fitness classes, listening to both work and life problems, or even simply treating everyone she meets with respect, Gibson certainly models the qualities of the 2013 Supervisor Spotlight Award.

Honorable Mentions

David Hodgson

David Hodgson, department head for Large Animal Clinical Sciences, encourages employees to take care of themselves both physically and emotionally. He is always interested in how someone's day is going, no matter their role at Virginia Tech.


Mildred Johnson

Mildred Johnson, associate vice provost for Enrollment Management and director of Undergraduate Admissions, has a deep respect and passion for work-life balance. She allows alternate work schedules during their busiest seasons to help promote productivity and stress relief.



  • Justin Camputaro, director for Student Centers and Activities
  • Steve Clarke, director of Alcohol Abuse Prevention Center
  • Dave Miller, deputy commandant for Leader Development
  • Janice Austin, director of Graduate Admissions and Academic Progress
  • Gloria Smith, supervisor for Human Resources Service Center
  • Kevin Bishop, administrator for Computer Support Systems Administrative Services
  • Kimberly Borkowski, manager for Virginia Bioinformatics Institute Administrative Services
  • Anisa Zvonkovic, department head for Human Development
  • Tom Kaloupek, director of Materials Management for Procurement
  • Angela Simmons, director of Student Conduct
  • Terri Bourdon, senior instructor for Mathematics
  • Melissa Williams, business manager for Mechanical Engineering
  • Peter Macedo, director of Access & Faculty Development for the Provost
Ellsworth “Skip” Fuhrman

2012 Award Recipient

Ellsworth “Skip” Fuhrman - department chair and graduate program director of the Department of Science and Technology in Society(STS), part of the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences - is a great supporter work/life balance in his department. His employees and nominators talk quite enthusiastically about Fuhrman’s “family first” policies. Fuhrman’s eagerness to help his employees balance work and life goes far.

Honorable Mentions

Dr. Roger Avery

Dr. Roger Avery, senior associate dean in the College of Veterinary Medicine, accommodates his staff. He understands teamwork and is quick to find solutions that are sensitive to the needs of an individual without impacting the group. He trusts and respects his employees, and takes a personal interest in their individual well-being.

Kim Linkous

Kim Linkous, post award director for the Office of Sponsored Programs, is a champion for flexible work schedules in the office. She also makes an effort to get to know employees individually, encouraging employees to bring their children for holiday activities. She encourages physical activity among her employees, and organized a group of her staff to compete as a team in the Color Me Rad 5k in October 2012.


  • Kay Hunnings; associative administrative dean for the Pamplin College of Business
  • Mary Hunter; fiscal director of Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Gail McMillan; director of the Digital Library and Archives at Newman Library
  • Sharon Sarver; supervisor in University Relations Visitor Center
  • Lois Stephens; manager, Continuing and Professional Education Marketing Services
  • Sheila Carter-Tod; director of Composition in the English Department
  • Melissa Williams; business manager of Mechanical Engineering
  • Chris Wise; director of Recreational Sports