Hokie Wellness presents an annual Supervisor Spotlight Award to recognize Virginia Tech employee supervisors who promote work/life harmony through consistent recognition of and responsiveness to their employees’ professional and personal lives, incorporating important job demands along with customer and team needs.


The Supervisor Spotlight Award is open to all faculty and staff who hold a supervisory position, managing at least two employees, at Virginia Tech.

All nominees must have been in their current position for at least one year.

The previous year’s winner is not eligible for nomination this year.

Award Categories

Work/life harmony

  • The nominated supervisor actively works with employees to ensure there is an effective balance between life and work. This individual is sensitive to recognizing life outside of work, offering flexible work options or connections to different services provided to Virginia Tech employees.

Positive management practices

  • The nominated supervisor recognizes employees for their work and dedication in the department. This individual has the ability to empower others and support them in all duties and tasks assigned, while proving an open door policy. The supervisor is able to humanize the work environment, treating everyone with respect and equality.

Leadership style

  • The nominated supervisor is sensitive to different learning styles and work techniques among employees. This individual is able to adapt to each employee and provide the most appropriate oversight that fosters a productive work environment.


  • The nominated supervisor encourages and supports healthy habits for all supervised employees, ensuring employees are taking care of themselves. This individual also supports employees who attend Hokie Wellness activities and events.