Our Student Listing is sent to many people, not only Virginia Tech employees, and we often have little information on these families. To our knowledge, those who contact us are honest and caring, looking for the best student to meet their need. Therefore, they should not object to your thorough and thoughtful consideration to the job offer. 

In the same way that we encourage families to check references and conduct interviews before hiring a student to be in their homes, you may wish to do the same. Unless you already know someone (e.g. as a professor or through a friend) you may want to follow a few safety precautions to ensure the most positive experience:

  • Check references. Ask for references from the family if you do not know them personally. Acceptable references could include: a former child care provider, someone who works at the child’s child care center, someone from their job or church, or a neighbor. 

  • Conduct an interview. Both students and families should thoroughly interview potential matches. Conduct the interview with questions that are most important to you. Take the time to get your questions answered to your satisfaction so that you can make a decision you are comfortable with. This does not have to be a formal interview, but should provide you with better knowledge of the job you may be accepting.

  • Communicate with courtesy, respect, and honesty, and take jobs you know you can handle.

  • Know your job. How many children you may be caring for, special instructions, hours you will be working, etc. Ask questions if you are unsure of guidelines or expectations!

  • Trust your instincts. If you are uncomfortable about accepting an opportunity, or returning—trust yourself! You should always feel comfortable with the those that hired you. If issues arise with families who contact you from our list, please let us know.