Pet Day Care, Boarding Services, and Training

  • Flying Fur!
    • Daycare
    • Pet sleepovers
    • Training
    • "Barking Bus" transportation
    • Baths, nail trimming, and more
  • New River Valley Varmints Pet Sitting Agency
    • Regular daily visits
    • Aquarium care
    • Dog Daycare
    • House care
  • Blacksburg Critter Care and Boarding, LLC
    • In-home pet boarding, including cats
    • In-field servicing of all types of pets
    • Doggie day care
    • Pet Taxi
    • Bathing and nail trim
    • Tech Students 
    • Hokie Wellness maintains a list of current VT students willing to provide in-home childcare and pet sitting services.
    • Email Us for more information!
  • Hi-D-Ho Dog Training Inc.
    • Classes from Puppy Kindergarten to Tricks Class and Private Instruction
    • Classes range from 6 to 7 weeks long
  • PetSmart Dog Training
    • Puppy education to personal training camps
    • Grooming also available


Vets and Pet Health Services

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