As part of our commitment to help Virginia Tech employees balance work and personal responsibilities, Hokie Wellness maintains a list of child care options available locally. While Hokie Wellness is pleased to provide this information, it is important to note that we are not a regulating agency and cannot guarantee the quality of any individual or program on our lists.

We believe that parents are best qualified to choose child care arrangements for their children. As a parent, it is your responsibility to carefully visit, interview, and check the references of each provider or center. Only then can you make an informed decision and feel good about your choice.

  • The Student List contains the names of Virginia Tech students, who are interested in part-time work caring for children in their homes (i.e., baby-sitting). We maintain this list as a convenience to parents, as well as students, but do not endorse any individuals. We do supply information regarding training, experience, and references, but it is the responsibility of the family to research anyone they may wish to employ as a child care provider. Please keep in mind that the first responsibility of these students is to their education; they should not be expected to put outside jobs before studies. 
  • Family Child Care Providers care for children in their own homes as a business. Providers on our lists are regulated through the Virginia Department of Social Services or have voluntarily registered with the Council of Community Services’ 2-1-1 Virginia Southwest Center program based in Roanoke, VA. They must meet standards related to adult/child ratio, criminal history, and home safety. Some forms of regulation also require provider(s) to be CPR and/or first aid certified. 
    • To receive the Family Child Care Providers list contact Hokie Wellness.
  • Child Care Centers on our lists are licensed by the Virginia Department of Social Services.
    • Information about the standards for licensure in the state of Virginia is available online. These programs are inspected by state licensing agents at least twice a year, and more often if there are parent complaints. Please note: Some centers operated by religious institutions (also on our list) are exempt from licensure, but must agree to meet standards related to teacher/child ratio; physical plant; criminal history; sanitation, and more. However, other aspects of care are not regulated, including teacher training. These programs are not subject to any state inspections at all. More information about religious exemption is available online.
  • National Child Care Search Tool