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Koru Mindfulness and Meditation

Koru Mindfulness

The Koru Mindfulness program was developed over the course of a decade by psychiatrists Holly Rogers and Margaret Maytan to bring the benefits of mindfulness to the college students they worked with at Duke University’s student counseling center.

The evidence-based Koru curriculum is supported by a randomized controlled trial and designed specifically for college students and young adults to manage stress, improve sleep, and increase mindfulness and self-compassion, however participants of all ages are welcome.

Students and employees are invited to discover the importance of mindfulness at the Koru Mindfulness series. During the series, participants will be introduced to the practice of mindfulness and learn several skills, including meditation for managing stress.

Participants are required to attend all four sessions.

Current Offerings:

Classes are also offered for all our campuses through Zoom at this time. Be on the lookout for Fall 2020 virtual opportunities.

For more information, email Hokie Wellness at or call 540-231-8878 (employees) or 540-231-2233 (students).