Hokie Wellness Champions

2019 Hokie Wellness Champions
2019 Hokie Wellness Champions
  • Melissa Breen - Virginia Cooperative Extension
  • Alicia Cohen - Office of Inclusion and Diversity
  • Jessica Hotter - Licensing and trademark/marketing
  • Terri Waid - Fish & Wildlife Conservations
  • Erin Coiley - Housing and Res Life
  • Christine (Chris) Tysor - ICTAS
  • Cyndy Williams - Sponsored Programs
  • Lisa Burns - College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences Dean's office
  • Elizabeth Caton - Population Health Sciences
  • Dawn Camacho - Human Resources
  • Jenn Million - Graduate school
  • Jackie McClanahan - Human Resources
  • Kari Evans - Moss Art Center
  • Nichol Kruger - SECL
  • Lorraine Borny - Pamplin Undergraduate Programs
  • Greg Winters - Facilities Safety
  • Mark Nichols - TLOS/DoIT
  • Lisa Roland - Richmond Center
  • Ryan Linkous - Information Technology admin
  • Linzy Martinelli - New Student Programs
  • Amel Cuskovic - VT Carilion Research Institute
Kari Evans
Kari Evans

Kari Evans

Kari has been an employee at Virginia Tech for two years an executive assistant at the Moss Arts Center. She likes to get active by walking and yoga, and enjoys cooking as well. Kari has been able to engage her colleagues at Moss through a program called MAC Attack. The team does different activities together such as yoga, crafting, knitting, dog walking, and potlucks to build community and foster work-life balance.

Why were you interested in being a Hokie Wellness Champion?
I really care about my colleagues and saw the Wellness Champion program as a way for the Moss Arts Center to have a direct connection with Hokie Wellness and all of their fantastic offerings and ideas.

What has been your favorite part of being a Hokie Wellness Champion?
Being a Hokie Wellness Champion has allowed me to further build comradery amongst my colleagues by hosting monthly wellness events like meditation, yoga, and even craft time. It is all relevant when you’re talking about well-being!

What is a personal wellness goal of yours for this year?
My goal for this year is to find what works for me and release the judgement of measuring myself against others. I would like to land on a sense of balance and ease while being mindful of what makes me happy and feel my most healthy.

What do you hope to accomplish as a Hokie Wellness Champion?
I hope to continue bringing fun opportunities to the Moss Arts Center to encourage happiness and growth for our employees.

Virginia Tech Hokie Wellness Champions are employee volunteers that are instrumental in supporting Hokie Wellness by promoting well-being programs to departments, colleagues, and friends on campus. Our goal is to create a group that represents our expansive and diverse Virginia Tech community.

Any Virginia Tech employee is invited to submit an application to become a Wellness Champion. Employees interested in becoming Champions must have a passion for wellness, be willing to volunteer their time and have approval and support from their supervisor.

The benefits of being a Wellness Champion include:

  • Embody Ut Prosim (That I May Serve) by serving as a leader of well-being initiatives within individual departments
  • Facilitate personal growth and development
  • Gain experience planning, creating, and implementing well-being initiatives within individual departments
  • Gain knowledge and build community through collaboration with other Wellness Champion
  • Receive professional training, assistance, and support from the Hokie Wellness team to include a yearly one-on-one planning session
  • Opportunity to apply for wellness program funding for individual departments
  • Receive advance news related to Hokie Wellness events and activities

Wellness Champions will be required to:

  • Commit 2-3 hours per month to promoting well-being to their respective departments as well as promoting Hokie Wellness programs.
  • Present a wellness topic at staff or team meetings a minimum of once a month.
  • Maintain a monthly log of activities.
  • Volunteer at two Hokie Wellness events quarterly.
  • Obtain supervisor approval and support.

Applications will be available Oct. 15 - 31. The applications will be reviewed in November and Champions will be notified in December.

For more information, contact Hokie Wellness at hokiewellness@vt.edu or by calling 540-231-8878.

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