The Koru Mindfulness program was developed over the course of a decade by psychiatrists Holly Rogers and Margaret Maytan to bring the benefits of mindfulness to the college students they worked with at Duke University’s student counseling center.

The evidence-based Koru curriculum is supported by a randomized controlled trial and designed specifically for college students and young adults to manage stress, improve sleep, and increase mindfulness and self-compassion, however participants of all ages are welcome.

Employees and students are invited to discover the importance of mindfulness at the Koru Mindfulness series. During the series, participants will be introduced to the practice of mindfulness and learn several skills, including meditation for managing stress. 

Upcoming sessions include:

Koru Mindfulness series for employees

  • Sept. 6 - Setp. 27
    • Every Wednesday from 12–1:15 p.m. in the North End Center, room 2470.
    • Space is limited and registration is required.
  • Oct. 4 - Oct. 25
  •             Every Wednesday from 12-1:15 p.m. in the Graduate Life Center, room D.
  •             Space is limited and registration is required.

            Oct. 25 - Nov. 15

                        Every Wednesday from 12-1:15 p.m. in New Hall West (downstairs training room).                                                           Space is limited and registration is required.

Koru Mindfulness series for students

  • Sept. 6 - Sept. 27
  • Oct. 4 - Oct. 25
  •             Every Wednesday from 4:15-5:30 p.m.
  •             Space is limited and registration is required.

Participants are required to attend all four sessions and can choose to purchase the book, The Mindful Twenty Something by Holly B. Rodgers, prior to the first session. This book is appropriate for participants of all ages and can be purchased from local bookstores or Amazon.

Koru Retreat: Half Day Mindfulness Experience

Each semester Hokie Wellness hosts, and employees and students are invited to a half-day Koru mindfulness and meditation retreat. The retreat is open to beginners and those with more experience.

This half-day retreat is the perfect opportunity for individuals to reconnect at a time of year that is often hectic. Participants will practice meditation, yoga, and mind/body skills for relaxation and wellness, and learn skills that can enhance their immune system, concentration, energy, and ability to enjoy life.

Registration is required and participants are asked to bring a yoga mat.